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Free Python Fundamentals Course in Hindi

CS Geeks, YouTube Channel

Course Overview

Python is a general-purpose programming language widely used all over the world. It has now become one of the most popular programming languages after Java and C++.

There are so many reasons why people are accepting it as their coding partner. One such reason is the simplicity with which anyone can code their programs with the help of Python programming language.
The availability of so many libraries makes Python language a well-suited language for Data related tasks.

This has led Python to become one of the best programming languages for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This Python course is in Hindi and is from CS Geeks YouTube Channel. The course is focused on beginners and will help them in understanding the fundamentals of Python Programming in Hindi.

Course Syllabus

CS Geeks has created a playlist on their YouTube channel for helping students in learning Python in Hindi for free. Anyone can watch videos and start learning in no time.

The course has got 37 videos with each covering an individual topic. Some of the important topics from the course playlists are as follows:

  • Why Learn Python?
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Scalar Types, Relational Operators and Conditional Statements
  • While Loop, Python Collections, For Loop and Urlopen
  • Functions and Modules
  • Main Functions and Command Line Arguments
  • Variables, Argument Passing and More

There are so many other topics that you can look at the official playlist page. This Python course is in Hindi and starts teaching students about the fundamentals of Python programming.

After the basics, they will be covering some advanced stuff. So, overall the course is focused on beginners and after learning the basics, students can move on to advanced courses.

Taught by

CS Geeks
Python Course in Hindi CS Geeks


CS Geeks, YouTube Channel






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