Pillow Library for Image Manipulation in Python

Pillow Library

Python Imaging Library (PIL) is an open source image processing and manipulation library. It worked well with multiple image formats of images and its ease of use. It is obvious that we can use Image processing tools like Corel Draw and Photoshop. But when it comes to automate things we need something reliable. Python Imaging … Read morePillow Library for Image Manipulation in Python

Text Generation Model Using LSTM With Deep Learning

Text Generation Using LSTM

In one of our earlier posts we have created a Text Summarization algorithm. Now the main problem with such Natural language Generation algorithms is Language Modelling. The algorithm needs enough training to get confident about the use of words. Not every part of text could be used while summarization or other NLP problems. So for … Read moreText Generation Model Using LSTM With Deep Learning

Extracting YouTube Data With Python Using API

YouTube is making people go viral and actually YouTube itself is going viral. It is the second largest search engine after Google. Started in year 2005 the platform now has over 2 billion monthly active users. YouTube has helped content creators to get exposure and also earn some revenue out of it. In this article … Read moreExtracting YouTube Data With Python Using API

Programming Guidance – Every Beginner Should Read

This era has witnessed how far technology can go, and at present, it seems to be ruling all. Technology plays a significant role when it comes to innovations and a remarkable portion of such creations deal with software. Software development is mainly based on programming, and thus, it has become an exciting topic. Since a … Read moreProgramming Guidance – Every Beginner Should Read

Best Machine Learning YouTube Channels

Machine Learning YouTube Channels

Internet has already changed the way education system worked earlier. It was never so easy to get trained on a new skill right from your home. India has seen much changes because of the cheapest internet provided by telecom companies.There will be a day when every other skill could be easily learned through online channels. … Read moreBest Machine Learning YouTube Channels