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What Should I Learn First, Data Science Or Deep Learning?

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    Parul Mishra

    Hello community members!

    Parul this side. I am going to start my career in Data Science in the coming days. But I’m a little bit confused about what should I learn first, Data Science or Deep Learning.

    Is there any connection between Data Science and Deep Learning?

    If Data Science and Deep Learning do depend on each other then, can anyone tell me that which technology should I learn first?

    Thanks and have a nice day!

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    Thank you Parul for asking your query in the community. Though many people consider Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning to be similar, they are not.

    Some of the other tasks from these fields can be similar but on an overall basis, you will be working on different aspects. Data Science is something that you can assume as a base of all the other fields that we listed above as it constitutes data cleaning, data processing, data analyzing. Knowledge of all these skills would be helpful for you to cover when you move to other fields such as Machine Learning, AI, or Deep Learning.

    Thus, if you are confused on which one to start with then Data Science can be your option to go with. After having enough strength in the data and processing skills, you will be in a better spot to choose the next steps for your career.

    Please note that the choice depends on a lot of factors and nobody other than you can take the choice for you. So, you can read a few articles, consult from online mentors and then only take the decision.

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    If you decide to learn Data Science then you can use our guides to find online learning resources in an easy way:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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