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Top Skills to Become a Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineering is quickly catching up with the buzz in IT careers nowadays. As per experts, it will soon change the way we interact with the available software. Thus, more and more people are getting interested in the field and seeking skills to become one.

If you are also interested in becoming a successful Cloud Engineer, you need to learn about specific skills. Let us read about these skills in detail.

1. Linux Operating System

Linux operating system is a renowned operating system gaining popularity among cloud platforms.

The reason is that Linux offers benefits such as adequate security, secured customization, and open source. These benefits easily contribute to its growing demand among programmers, especially Cloud Engineers.

Do you know that more than 50 percent of VM cores use Linux on Microsoft Azure? Also, Linux takes over 90 percent of the public cloud workload.

Thus, if you are very comfortable with Linux, you can surely make it big in Cloud Computing.

2. Data Cloud Migration

Another skill required to become a successful Cloud Engineer is learning about data cloud migration. Data migration on the cloud includes two parts. One is migration from one cloud platform to another, and the second is moving a previous application to a present onsite server.

Thus, a Cloud Engineer needs to learn about different aspects of cloud migration, such as cloud migration risks.

3. Skills To Adapt

Apart from specific technical skills, a Cloud Engineer also needs to learn about adaptability. As the technological world is undergoing constant changes, it is essential to learn to adapt.

Rapid changes are a part of the present technological world, and a Cloud Engineer needs to learn to adjust to these changes well.

Also, as a Cloud Engineer, you need to step out of your comfort zone and learn about new and emerging platforms. Remember, an enthusiastic learner can never be left out of the success arena.

4. Database Skills

This is another arena you need to conquer to become a successful engineer at cloud platforms. The cloud platform is used widely for database management across the world.

Do you know that by the year 2025, cloud platforms will be storing 100 zettabytes of data? This need to manage huge data loads asks a Cloud Engineer to learn database management skills, such as SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, etc.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

Another set of soft skills that a Cloud Engineer needs to learn about is problem-solving skills. Cloud Engineering is a field that may bring you face-to-face with many unprecedented problems, and these can be both technical and non-technical.

Thus, you need to build on your problem-solving skills to stay one step ahead of these problems. Also, you need to set your goals to get a relevant and time-bound outcome for your client.

6. Virtualization

Virtualization refers to reducing the dependency on individual personal hardware, and the reason is that this individual hardware may face issues when it comes to scaling. Thus, Virtualization is a process that runs diverse application software on virtual machines.

This ensures that multiple components of a firm’s IT resources are used effectively simultaneously, thereby reducing cost and time. Also, the flaw-making quotient was reduced by a considerable margin.

Thus, gaining mastery in Virtualization and virtual machines, such as Lambda, can get you massive success in the field.

7. Cloud Security

Cloud security is an essential yet complex subdomain in the cloud. As the name suggests, it deals with security measures to be taken in a data breach or recovery. Thus, a person needs to learn cybersecurity and cloud skills to deal with these issues with precision.

Cloud security skills include learning about cloud platform vulnerabilities, application security, architecture security, and much more.

8. Leading a Team

Cloud Engineers have to lead a team of their own, and the team would work as per your guidance. Thus, it would help if you were strong and clear-minded enough to be able to guide them properly.

Critical thinking is an essential aspect of developing leadership skills. Thus, it would be best if you made efforts to build your thinking quotient on these skills.

Step out of your comfort zone and learn to make a balance between thinking and listening.

9. Containerization

Another important term associated with Cloud Computing is Containerization. It is a process that abstracts different applications from each other in the cloud.

Abstraction makes it easy to deploy these said applications on the cloud. Thus, if you want to secure a job as a Cloud Engineer, learning about Containerization and associated skills is essential.

10. Analytics

Working on your analytics skills is necessary to become a pro at Cloud Engineering. The point is that since you need to work with loads of data, you need to develop skills to measure, analyze, and manage the data well.

These skills would help you judge how the cloud environment is important for your client’s business growth. Also, these analytics skills involve aspects such as usage and costs, software performance, and business-related analytics.

11. DevOps

DevOps is a critical framework related to cloud platforms, a merger of development and operations. DevOps is crucial for operations engineers or software developers who deal with ongoing issues about different environments.

Thus, a Cloud Engineer also needs to learn in detail about DevOps as it is beneficial for Cloud Service Providers. Also, learning DevOps helps bridge the gap between the two teams of developers and Cloud Engineers.

12. Programming Skills

Cloud Engineering is incomplete without learning programming skills. Programming or development plays an imperative role when it comes to learning cloud engineering skills.

A programmer needs to learn skills such as the development, deployment, and management of applications effectively.

Some of the programming languages that a Cloud Engineer needs to learn are:

  • XML
  • Dot Net
  • Python
  • SQL

Learning these programming languages in detail would help you rise the ladder of success being a Cloud Engineer. Many professional courses help you gain knowledge about these programming skills.

13. Communication Skills

A Cloud Engineer needs to learn about communication skills as you need to work with both clients and your IT team.  These communication skills come in handy when you face issues, need to make a decision or use your negotiation skills.

14. API and Web Services

API and web services are regarded as the foundation of Cloud architecture. Web service providers offer practical ways to integrate web applications present over the Internet to cloud developers.

Thus, working knowledge of these web services and APIs can come in handy when working with cloud architectures. You can learn about these web services and APIs and succeed in other cloud computing fields as well.

Final Words

Now that you have gained knowledge about the top skills required to become a successful Cloud Engineer, you need to learn about resources to do so.

Different cloud computing certifications and courses can help you gain the knowledge and skills required. These certifications allow you to gain professional expertise in the field.

So, develop these skills mentioned above and be successful as a Cloud Engineer.

Happy learning.

Author Name: Aslam Hasan Khan

Author Bio: Aslam Hasan Khan is the CEO of Sofyrus Technologies, a software development company that provides IT services to Australia, India, the United States, and other countries. Key services include Mobile app development solutions, RPA service, MVP development, and many more.

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