The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing [Infographics]

Digital Marketing is one of the most trending fields for a career. People are moving so fast to a Digital World. The growth of businesses in the Digital World provided various career opportunities.

Like many other fields, the Digital Marketing field is also evolving with new technologies. Every other day new tools and services are being added. Artificial intelligence is playing a great role in this revolution.

We are already using multiple DM tools based on AI. Soon there will be tools solely meant for automation. Being a lover of both Artificial intelligence and Machine learning we often share new insights related to these fields.

Below is the Infographics from FullEStop about The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing. In the Infographics they have explained about the major changes that this field is witnessing. And you will agree to each and every point because these are based on proper research practices.

As 2019 is going to end soon here are some trends that prevailed throughout the year.

Digital Marketing Trends Infographic

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is obviously getting much praise. It is always better to reach your audience through engaging content. It builds trust and credibility and helps in reducing the marketing expenditure for your campaigns.

We understand that creating content also requires money but it much less than outbound marketing.

2. Chatbots

We have already written a guide on how AI is changing the digital world. Chatbots are making much difference on how Businesses interacted with customers. You would have already seen working chatbots on different service and product websites.

3. Voice Search

People are becoming lazier and lazier to type in queries. With the increasing popularity of smart media devices Voice Search would be increasing rapidly. So you might start optimizing your content accordingly.

4. Artificial Intelligence

As the Infographic suggests that by 2020 around 30% of the companies will adopt AI in their sales process. Organizations are trying out the capabilities of Artificial intelligence. Many AI tools are emerging for various services in the Digital marketing field.

It is true that not all tools work perfectly at present. But the AI field is seeking much better evolution in terms of the service industry.

5. Instagram for Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing social media networks. It is considered an amazing tool for Branding and Interacting with the user base. Having features such as IGTV, Live Streaming, and Story sharing it becomes a complete Marketing toolkit.

If used in the right way Instagram could skyrocket your marketing campaigns.

These were some trends as explained in the Infographic above. You can share the Infographic with due credit on your social media and websites.

Disclaimer: The information and views provided in the Infographic are of the infographic owner. We at Present Slide don’t take any responsibility for the reliability and correctness of these facts. Please refer to the websites before taking further action.

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