Artificial Intelligence Predictions For The Future [Infographics]

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence possessed by Machines which simulates Human behavior and practices. In recent years AI has seen a lot of growth and outreach.

Organizations are coming forward to adopt changes provided by Artificial Intelligence. Being a field which is still under research and development people are forecasting new things and scenario about AI every now and then.

There is no fixed path for choosing AI for organizations or general circumstances.

Everyone is just trying things on how to make the best use of such a powerful technology. Many people have already advised not to go further with AI development.

They fear the fact that if Machines would have their own intelligence then it could be dangerous for human beings.

Some people do think that Machines having intelligence could fight back for things and can even kill the human race. There are a lot of theories and conspiracies doing rounds all around the world.

Still, it is good to know about the possibilities with AI. As the field is still under research so there is no general forecast. The possibilities are judged keeping in mind about the present development and future needs.

These predictions may actually happen or they may not. Depends on how human beings use the already developed tools in getting future things done.

It is interesting to know these Predictions through the help of this amazing Infographic. As we have added the infographics section in Present Slide this is the first addition to that section.

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