Top Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

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AI is creating new jobs that were never before possible, and it is also transforming existing jobs. Read further to know top jobs created by Artificial Intelligence:

AI content creators use AI to generate creative content for businesses, such as text, images, and music.

AI Content Creator

They ensure that AI is used safely and ethically. They develop and implement safety protocols, and monitor AI systems for potential risks.

AI Safety Engineer

They teach AI systems how to perform specific tasks. They feed data to AI systems and help them to learn from their mistakes.

AI Trainer

AI chatbot developers design, develop, and test AI-powered chatbots. They can get jobs in a variety of industries like marketing, educations, etc.

AI Chatbot Developers

AI prompt engineers create and optimize prompts for AI systems to generate desired outputs. It is one of the most trending AI related job.

AI Prompt Engineer

AI ethicists develop and promote ethical guidelines for the development and use of AI. There job is to ensure that the use of AI is ethical.

AI Ethicist