Free AI Courses From Microsoft And LinkedIn

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AI is being used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, etc. There are many opportunities for students with AI skills.

Here are 5 free courses by Microsoft and LinkedIn. Course Duration: 3 Hr. 49 Min Read further for course list:

Course Instructor: Doug Rose This is an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and why someone should learn about it.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Instructor: Pinar Seyhan In this course, Pinar Seyhan Demirdag covers the basics of generative AI.

What Is Generative AI?

Instructor: Ashley Kennedy In this course, the instructor teaches you to work on reasoning engines and Gen AI.

Advanced Generative AI

Instructor: Jess Stratton In this course, the instructor teaches you to use the popular chat AI tool by Microsoft.

Microsoft Bing Chat

Instructor: Vilas Dhar In this course, you will learn about the emerging ethical risks related to Generative AI.

Generative AI Ethics